Annual District Recognition Awards


Honor our BSA Heroes!

Join the Sonoran Sunset District to honor your very special volunteers! Your adult volunteer Scouters deserve recognition! Let the whole district know how well your unit and your volunteers are providing for your youth!
You can nominate them for the following District Awards on the nomination form provided on the GCC calendar.
1. Spark Plug Award – a volunteer who is a spark for the Cub Scout Pack.
2. Silver Whistle Award – a volunteer who keeps your Scouts BSA Troop moving.
3. Pack of the Year – Pack which has exceeded your expectations for your youth.
4. Cubmaster of the Year – CM who you want the world to know the fabulous accomplishment for your youth.
5. Troop of the Year – troop which exceeded your expectations for your youth.
6. Scoutmaster of the Year – SM who you want the world to know the great job accomplished for your youth.
7. Venture Crew of the Year – a crew that has exceeded your expectations.
8. Venture Crew Adviser of the Year – an adviser who you want the world to know does a fantastic job at keeping things moving.
The Sonoran Sunset District committee will also be nominating the person working for your district who deserves the coveted District Award of Merit. This award is a council award presented by districts. The award is available to Scouters who render service of an outstanding nature at the district level.…/1FAIpQLSdtDT…/viewform