Camporee is October 7-9, 2022

Howdy Partners!  Get your cowboy hat and boots because our district’s western camporee will be on October 7-9 at Boyd Ranch in Wickenburg.  This is going to be a fun camporee with lots of great activities. Yee-haw!

Senior Patrol Leaders & Crew Leads, save the date on your calendar and be sure to discuss at your next PLC / Planning Meeting.  You won’t want to miss all the fun, and yes you get to wear western apparel! The SPL Guide is below to help you prepare your Troop/Crew for the Camporee!

Scoutmasters / Venturing Advisors, the key to a successful event is having everyone register early. Registration is easier than ever as you only have to register the number of Scouts and Leaders attending.  You no longer have to include information for each participant.  We recommend you register your minimum number of scouts.  Later, when you have more attendees, just go to your original registration and add the additional participants.

  • Youth Registration $20
  • Leader/Adult Registration $10

Senior Patrol Leaders / Crew Leads, here is the SPL Guide for the Camporee to help you prepare your Troop/Crew!

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