A Scout is Helpful

A Scout is Helpful

Throughout our history during some of our country’s most challenging hours, our Scouting movement has shouldered the burden when it was too heavy for many communities to bear. As in previous crises, Scouts have stepped up to meet the challenge, and that continues today. Scouts have mobilized countless initiatives to support communities hit hardest by COVID-19 including:

  • Used 3-D printers to make visors, face shields and ear savers
  • Facilitated the donation of thousands of neckerchiefs to offset shortages of face coverings
  • Collected food to replenish food pantries
  • Lifted the spirits of those suffering loneliness
  • Honored those that fell victim to this pandemic

And, the adventure continues; since mid-March, Cub Scouts have worked on or completed more than 115,000 adventures, and Scouts have worked on or completed nearly 73,000 merit badges all from the safety of their home. Social distancing may protect us, but Scouting connects us.

We are excited to invite ALL American families to join us in a National Camp-In on May 2nd – a nationwide day of virtual adventures, skill-building, service, and of course, camping, that we hope will provide a respite of fun for families. A Scout is Helpful. Part of the Camp-In includes a 5K run/walk to raise funds for Feeding America to aid in replenishing food banks around the country. Please share this event with your friends.

The financial impact of this crisis has dealt a devastating blow to our communities, and these challenges are felt within our national organization and local councils – the very people you count on to help continue Scouting. Tuesday, May 5th is special edition of Giving Tuesday, please take the opportunity to support Sonoran Sunset in whatever way possible so that we can come through this challenging time with the resources needed to continue bringing Scouting to children in our district.